Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) Announces New Branding

Updated branding highlights strategic direction; expands sharing of PCCI’s research and innovation

Dallas, TX — PCCI, a nonprofit healthcare advanced analytics research and development organization, is pioneering new ways to health. Starting last year with the hiring of their President and CEO, Steve Miff, PhD, PCCI has expanded its teams. The company’s leadership team now includes Aida Kreho as Vice President of Operations, Vikas Chowdhry as Vice President of Data Strategy and Analytics, and Keith Kosel as Vice President of Enterprise Relationships. They join a growing team of leading clinicians and nationally recognized data scientists. PCCI also updated its strategic direction, and expanded their partnerships in DFW and across the country. The innovation projects resulting from these collaborations are increasingly being highlighted in prominent national publications and conferences. New branding and website designs complement and support these efforts.

“The new PCCI messaging and website are designed to make our work more personable and approachable, and to streamline our ability to collaborate and communicate,” said Steve Miff. “This process involves enhancing our ability to share the models we introduce and the knowledge we generate through our innovation and co-creation processes.”

The PCCI colors have been updated, and the logo has been completely redesigned with elements of both innovation and data, with a slight nod to the original tree. The new website ( is centered around the people, stories, and communities that PCCI serves. PCCI’s bold journey that started with one Parkland patient, continues to aspire to develop new and innovative solutions to deliver individualized, precision health aligned with social care.

Steve Miff, PhD added, “I am excited to not only continue our great progress, but aim to expand our impact to ‘pioneer new ways to health.’ We have a unique opportunity to leverage our expert data scientists and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. Leveraging our partnerships enables us to create connected communities that align resources and drive precision, personalized interventions, and engage individuals in their own health.”

PCCI’s mission to reimagine and expand the knowledge base of healthcare through prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence, remains the focus. The new branding and website further facilitates the company’s capacity to share their data science, artificial intelligence and predictive model expertise, and bring resources to their partners and the communities they serve.

About PCCI
PCCI is an advanced, nonprofit healthcare analytics R&D organization with a collaborative team of expert data scientists and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that go beyond analyzing a patient’s medical data to provide all-encompassing insights that are revolutionizing healthcare. PCCI is a recipient of more than $50 million in grants directed at developing and deploying patient centric cutting edge technologies connecting communities, Parkland and beyond.

Lindsey Nace, Marketing and Communications