Safety Net Providers

We partner with safety-net providers (such as Parkland) to develop descriptive and predictive analytical tools that enable care delivery teams to intervene earlier, respond differently, or prioritize engagement strategies

Key challenges facing safety-net providers include maximizing use of scarce resources, optimizing quality and safety, addressing disparities in access, including the role of social determinants of health (SDOH), and reducing total cost of care.
While our tools are potentially impactful in all care delivery settings, our efforts are specifically tailored to providers who disproportionally offer services to underserved populations. To date, our work with Parkland has garnered $76.3 M of avoided costs and has affected more than 2M clinical encounters.


We also recognize that there are many challenges that have yet to be adequately addressed. As such, we actively collaborate with safety-net providers to build new tools. We’ve created a co-development schedule for new descriptive and predictive analytics that address challenges associated with caring for the underserved. Topics we are actively exploring inlcude suicide prevention and length-of-stay management.