PCCI is a mission-driven organization with industry-leading expertise in the practical applications of advanced data science and social determinants of health. We strive to leapfrog the status quo by harnessing the transformative potential of data. Our unique capabilities allow us to provide innovative, actionable solutions that more effectively identify needs, prioritize services, empower providers and engage patients.

PCCI started as a department within Parkland Health and was spun out as an independent, not-for-profit organization in 2012 to not only serve the needs of Parkland, but to also pursue additional transformative initiatives that could have a broader impact. PCCI remains tightly connected to Parkland Health, the Parkland Foundation and the Parkland Community Health Plan. Our collaborative work focuses on the needs of vulnerable populations across North Texas and beyond.

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PCCI Solves Community Health Problems

PCCI’s innovations in digital health technology and advanced analytics are helping a wide range of organizations leverage the full potential of data to improve care delivery, drive health equity, optimize access for vulnerable populations, and ultimately advance whole-person health across communities.

PCCI’s team members have extensive experience in working with analytics and healthcare data and in the development, testing, and validation of a wide array of multi-institution, algorithm-driven practice protocols that cross diverse geographies and populations. Our top-of-the line digital data environment, Isthmus™, is a healthcare-specific, interoperable, analytical platform where we can securely assemble data from disparate sources and normalize and standardize data streams to feed into our state-of-the-art data analytics.

To help organizations obtain
a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of their communities and service populations, PCCI has developed a web-based tool, the Community Vulnerability
Compass (CVC). CVC users can visualize and more fully understand the context and complexities of the social barriers to health, access, and well-being of a community’s most vulnerable populations. These insights can both inform and enhance SDOH-based initiatives.

PCCI’s Connected Communities of Care (CCC) address critical gaps between clinical care and community services in the current healthcare system. CCC includes technology, community alliances, and governance for data sharing, care coordination, and community alignment. We believe that CCC are the way to make social determinants of health actionable to ultimately achieve whole-person health.

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The CVC can help virtually any Texas-based organization (hospital system/health plan, care provider, CBO, public health entity, philanthropic funder, etc.) seeking to understand not only where its community’s most vulnerable residents live but also many of the underlying, multi-dimensional root cause factors driving these residents’ poor health and healthcare access and ability to thrive.

Challenging times often accelerate innovation and collaboration. This has certainly been the case with COVID-19. We’ve strengthened and expanded our partnerships with Parkland and the North Texas community by building new foundational capabilities that will have an impact for years to come. We’ve worked closer than ever with Parkland IT and population health leadership, DFW Hospital Council: Dallas County, the City of Dallas and many other health systems, schools, and community-based organizations. 

Leveraging our data analytics and healthcare expertise, we put our mission into action, in collaboration with public health leaders, to implement the following programs to inform, guide, and create opportunities to mitigate the pandemic:



Distribution Protocol

Herd Immunity
Methodology and


Next Generation Digital Data Environment to Enable Coordinated, Personalized Care

Our success requires a top-of-the line digital data environment where we can securely assemble data from disparate sources and normalize and standardize data streams to feed into our state-of-the-art data analytics. Isthmus™ was conceptualized from our own need to have a healthcare-specific, interoperable, analytical platform to build and more rapidly deploy (e.g., weeks vs months) scalable and repeatable solutions and to collaborate more efficiently with any provider. Isthmus currently supports >10 AI/ML models across diverse Texas settings.

Isthmus has been secured and architected in compliance with the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) ― considered the gold standard for its prescriptive imperatives around handling HIPAA and entailing a comprehensive and rigorous certification process.


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