Collaborate With Us – PCCI

Collaborate With Us

We actively seek opportunities with philanthropic organizations, research institutes, payers and providers, entrepreneurs, established companies and other like-minded individuals to transform care.

Principles that guide how we work and who we strive to work with:

  • We believe in the power of data, that when appropriately contextualized, has the power to transform people, processes and systems
  • We focus on impact and tackle challenges that others may opt to take a pass on
  • We thrive when we can build meaningful partnerships and effective collaborations
  • We enable co-creation though use of open source tools – no black boxes needed
  • We own our responsibility as early stage innovators and eagerly push on existing boundaries
  • We seek and honor end-user insights to drive impact, stickiness and sustainability
  • We exceed expectations: while a non-profit, we are commercially-minded, but not commercially driven