Who is PCCI?

About PCCI

PCCI is an advanced, nonprofit healthcare analytics R&D organization with a collaborative team of expert data scientists and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that go beyond analyzing a patient’s medical data to provide all-encompassing insights that are revolutionizing healthcare. We know there’s no such thing as a simple human. Our cells may make us, but our environment shapes us. We analyze both to get to the root of a patient’s issue.




We value progress over perfection. Our work is both innovative and practical.


We collaborate with our team, our partners and the community enabling us to go further, faster. There is power in diversity and numbers.


We have a servant approach and mind frame. Caring about each other, our partners and those we serve in the community is what motivates us every single day.


We go beyond what is asked of us. Expectations are starting points.


We balance Innovation with science. Our work is grounded in scientific principles and rigor.


“We can do it if…” vs “We can’t do it because…”. We see healthcare, not as it is, but as it can become.

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