About PCCI

PCCI is an advanced, nonprofit healthcare analytics research and development organization with a collaborative team of expert data scientists and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that go beyond analyzing a patient’s medical data to provide all-encompassing insights that are revolutionizing healthcare. We know there’s no such thing as a simple human. Our cells may make us, but our environment shapes us. We analyze both to get to the root of a patient’s issue.

We believe that data, done right, has the power to galvanize communities, inform leaders and empower people. We also believe that clinical data only paints a partial picture of an individual and his or her specific needs. Our business model focuses on cutting edge uses of data science, social determinants of health and clinical expertise across clinical and community settings.
We collaborate with Philanthropic Foundations, Federal Agencies, Rural and Urban Health Systems, Payers, Local Municipalities, Community Organizations and others who share our common interest in finding the most impactful ways to address the needs of vulnerable populations.
We quantify impact in four ways: (1) making a difference in the lives of patients (2) optimizing how care is delivered (3) advancing the field and (4) sharing our findings.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but know that this is just the beginning.

“Many hospitals and healthcare systems have an interest in addressing SDOH, yet few can claim the positive results PCCI has experienced.” -HealthLeaders

Available now is a new book from PCCI: “Building Connected Communities of Care: The Playbook For Streamlining Effective Coordination Between Medical And Community-Based Organizations.” This is a practical how-to guide for clinical, community, and government leaders interested in building connected clinical-community services. This is a must read for executives leading population health or accountable care organizations.

Register your team for our Executive Book Club and receive a complimentary set of “Building Connected Communities of Care” books with a consultation from one of our experts.



We value progress over perfection. Our work is both innovative and practical.


We collaborate with our team, our partners and the community enabling us to go further, faster. There is power in diversity and numbers.


We have a servant approach and mind frame. Caring about each other, our partners and those we serve in the community is what motivates us every single day.


We go beyond what is asked of us. Expectations are starting points.


We balance Innovation with science. Our work is grounded in scientific principles and rigor.


“We can do it if…” vs “We can’t do it because…”. We see healthcare, not as it is, but as it can become.


We celebrate and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do internally and externally. We strive to understand and appreciate the culture and background of everyone. PCCI’s mission is to address the needs of vulnerable—and diverse—communities. We engage data scientists, doctors, social workers, project managers and executives to fulfill that mission. We know our employees’ diversity—“who they are”– is critical to fully understanding the people we serve. Listening to and understanding the needs of the communities we assist is necessary to create innovative solutions to address health equity.

Creating an inclusive and equitable workplace permits our employees to do their best work. Creating that ideal workplace is always a work in progress: PCCI will continue to educate, engage and listen to every member of our team and to the underserved individuals we strive to help.