Connected Communities of Care

Reimagining population health and expanding the knowledge base of healthcare through
connected local and national communities to deliver precision medicine.


Starting with one patient’s need for truly comprehensive care, Connected Communities of Care, PCCI’s Information Exchange Portal (IEP) program is focused on addressing the health and social needs of a community. The program connects healthcare providers and community-based organizations to coordinate the communication and care for individuals.

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How PCCI Drives the IEP Infrastructure

Cutting edge, cloud-based technology that enables two-way communication to support eligibility verification, referrals, and service tracking

Comprehensive IEP Playbook covering:

Legal, policy, and governance documents and workflows

Clinical and community service provider documents and workflows

Continually updated inventory of clinicians and community service providers

Experienced Advisory Services staff to help clients effectively implement the IEP in their community, and to provide practical guidance

Opportunities to enhance the core IEP functionality with modular prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence add-ons

Innovation network for learning, research, co-creation, and rapid knowledge dissemination