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5 January 2021

PCCI IMPACT: Serving The Whole Community

PCCI strives to achieve the broadest community-wide impact through: (1) support of initiatives closing the gap between
providing clinical care and addressing non-medical needs to positively impact whole-person health; (2) support of
Parkland and its CHNA strategic priorities; and (3) support of PCHP as it strives to quantify community impact.

Below is a sample of PCCI’s work that is having an important impact on our community. For a much more detailed report, contact us for a copy of PCCI’s Annual Impact Report, where PCCI’s actions are shared in much greater detail.

To get the full Annual Impact Report, please click HERE, select “other” and in the message box, add “Annual Impact Report” to receive your electronic copy.

4 January 2016

New software helps nonprofits coordinate efforts for needy

16 April 2015

How Twitter Can Help Predict Emergency Room Visits

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15 October 2014

Pieces™ Software Platform to Be Featured in Prestigious Multi-Institution NIH Trial to Improve Chronic Disease Management across Multiple U.S. Populations

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10 September 2014

In Dallas, Partnering with Social Services on Holistic View of the Patient

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15 July 2014

Dallas Researchers Could Change the Way Physicians Use Data

8 July 2014

Health Affairs Blog: The Impact of Big Data on Health Care

July 2014

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3 July 2014

Is this the Era of the Mayor? Social Impact Architects

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