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2 March 2021

In the News: TIME Magazine – This County Tried to Ensure Racial Equity in COVID-19 Vaccinations.

 Magazine has posted a story about #Dallas County’s efforts to distribute #covid vaccines fairly, and it features PCCI’s work with its Vulnerability Index and other COVID data as a way to help support the under-served in our community.



17 February 2021

In The News: DCEO Healthcare covers the MyPCI App; a tool that gives you your COVID risk


Are You Likely to Get COVID-19 in Dallas? There’s an App for That. opens in a new window

Dallas County residents can now get an instant reading of their vulnerability to COVID-19 using an app developed by the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation. The new technology provides a live, location-specific risk assessment with a score to reflect how vulnerable a person is to the virus.

15 January 2021

In the News: Dallas Innovates – Steve Miff an “Innovator and Disruptor” You Need to Know in 2021

A leading technology media outlet, Dallas Innovates, has included Steve Miff in its news story, “Meet the Future 50: Dallas-Fort Worth Innovators and Disruptors You Need to Know in 2021.” The story includes Steve as a “Care Community Builder” and notes the outstanding work by PCCI during the COVID-19 outbreak as well as the publishing of its book, “Building Connected Communities of Care.” Here is an excerpt and link to the story.

“When COVID-19 began impacting North Texas in March, the data science and clinical experts at PCCI were already hard at work on ways to improve health in the underserved areas of Dallas. The team quickly built, tested, and deployed several patent-pending analytical models using machine learning and geomapping to visualize the progression of cases across the area.”

For the full story, click on the image below:

31 December 2020

In the news: COVID-19 Patients Make Up One Quarter of All Hospitalizations

In this story from DCEO, state data says there are only 18 ICU beds available in Dallas County and just six in Tarrant County. This story highlights PCCI’s COVID-19 Vulnerability Index and how it has shown exponential growth in risk using its Vulnerability Index tool. For the full story, click on the image below:

29 December 2020

In the news: CBS Dallas Shares PCCI’s COVID-19 Concerns Over Holiday Celebrations

PCCI’s research on COVID-19 was cited by CBS Dallas in a new story covering the hazards of celebrating during the holidays. Steve Miff, CEO of PCCI, was interviewed for this story at also included insights from PCCI’s COVID-19 Vulnerability Index. Go to the :50 second mark for PCCI’s inclusion. Click the image below to view the video and story:

29 December 2020

In the news: Steve Miff’s perspectives in HealthLeaders ’10 Most Intriguing Innovation Insights of 2020′

As part of the HealthLeaders’ Executive Round Table, Steve Miff was included in a story highlighting the “10 Most Intriguing Innovation Insights of 2020.” The HealthLeaders Executive Round Table is an exclusive panel of innovation executives who share insights that will help health leaders build the healthcare system of the future. Here is the story link and section including Steve. Please click the image below to read the full story:

11 December 2020

In The News: D CEO Healthcare’s Thanksgiving Cautionary Tale Using PCCI Data

D CEO Healthcare, Dallas’ leading business and healthcare media network, has run a story featuring PCCI’s Vulnerability Index for COVID-19 in Dallas County. This story shares PCCI’s mobility findings during Thanksgiving that were similar to 2019, and gives caution to the upcoming Christmas holiday. To read the whole story, click on the image below:

6 November 2020

In The News: DCEO Explores PCCI’s October COVID-19 Vulnerability Index

The new update to PCCI’s COVID-19 Vulnerability Index (and the animated heat map) is explored in a story by DCEO Healthcare. PCCI executives give expert insights into the data and information being tracking for COVID-19 in Dallas County. The story captured the outstanding work PCCI is doing to help the people of Dallas County fight the virus. Read it on the image below:


21 October 2020

In The News: HealthIT Analytics on how PCCI Leverages Data Analytics Tools to Address Health Disparities

In this story from HealthIT Analytics, how PCCI is using data analytics technologies to identify at-risk individuals and alleviate health disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic is examined. Please click on the image below to read the whole story.



19 October 2020

Xtelligent Podcast: Steve Miff On Addressing Health Disparities, Social Determinants Through Data Analytics

Steve Miff, president and chief executive officer of Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, shares how to use data analytics to identify at-risk individuals. He describes how the center’s proximity risk index can help physicians decide when to direct patients to telehealth, identify patients facing social determinants of health and health disparities, and provide evidence to guide policy measures.

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast for healthcare professionals seeking solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s top challenges.

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