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21 January 2021

Get Your COVID19 Person Risk Score Now

To register and login to the MyPCI App to quickly understand your personal risk of COVID-19 exposure in Dallas County, please click on the image below below or go to: to register, Using code: GP-7xI6QT. The first assessment takes 24 hours.




29 December 2020

In the news: CBS Dallas Shares PCCI’s COVID-19 Concerns Over Holiday Celebrations

PCCI’s research on COVID-19 was cited by CBS Dallas in a new story covering the hazards of celebrating during the holidays. Steve Miff, CEO of PCCI, was interviewed for this story at also included insights from PCCI’s COVID-19 Vulnerability Index. Go to the :50 second mark for PCCI’s inclusion. Click the image below to view the video and story:

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