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29 April 2020

In the news: Texas Hospitals Magazine talks with Leslie Wainwright about SDOH

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is a big topic and Texas Hospitals Magazine included Leslie Wainwright, PCCI’s the chief innovation and funding officer, and her views on how SDOH helps connect communities and supports better care.

To read the entire article, please click on the image below:


21 April 2020


HealthLeaders, a highly respected and referenced media outlet targeting healthcare professionals and executives, has posted a feature on the book PCCI published in March, “Building Connected Communities of Care.” This article is posted online and will also be included in their print edition coming out in mid-May. Please click the image below to read the entire story:




10 April 2020

In the News: The Best T-Shirt in Dallas Right Now

The owners of Good Citizen have designated PCCI a recipient of proceeds from a stay-safe T-shirt promotion. PCCI appreciates the support of Good Citizen and pledges that any proceeds received from this program will be used to support community-based programs PCCI partners with in Dallas. To learn all the details, please click on the image below:


9 April 2020

In The News: KERA News reports on PCCI helping Dallas manage COVID-19

In a story and broadcast interview with PCCI CEO Steve Miff, KERA reports on how PCCI is using its know-how to crunch data on COVID-19 and give medical professionals the info they need to screen, test, and treat patients. Read the highlights and listen to the full interview by clicking on the image below.


27 March 2020

In the News: HCPLive – Text Message Platform Improves Asthma Outcomes

Yolande Pengetnze, MD, MS, senior medical director at PCCI spoke to HCPLive about a texting program designed to improve outcomes for patients with asthma and pregnant women, and how the technology can be used at other health systems and for other chronic conditions.

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26 March 2020

In the News: DCEO Healthcare on PCCI tracking COVID-19 Cases in Dallas

D CEO Healthcare Magazine showcases how PCCI’s data analytics is guiding clinicians and identifying risk from COVID-19 cases in Dallas. Please click on the image below to read the whole story:



25 March 2020

In the News: HIMSSCast Podcast Features “Building Connected Communities of Care”

PCCI’s new book, “Building Connected Communities of Care,” is featured in an interview posted on HIMSSCast, a podcast for HIMSS media hosted on Healthcare IT News. In the interview, co-authors, PCCI CEO, Steve Miff, and PCCI VP of Enterprise Relations, Keith Kosel, discuss the details of the newly published book.

“Building Connected Communities of Care” is on sale now and can be purchased HERE.

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24 March 2020

PCCI’s CEO Joins City of Dallas Data Science Technical Advisory Committee

Steve Miff, PCCI’s CEO and co-author of Building Connected Communities of Care, has been invited to join the City of Dallas Data Science Technical Advisory Committee.

Steve is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare analytics and consulting. He has also served in various leadership positions in technology/consulting start-ups and on multiple boards, including DFWHCF, NurseGrid and and SMU’s Big Data Advisory Board.

The City of Dallas Data Science Technical Advisory Committee is chaired by the City of Dallas Chief Innovation Officer, Laila Alequresh, and includes a dozen cross-sector leaders and scientists from top local industries (TI, ATT, Toyota, IBM, CPAL, etc). Steve attended the first meeting on February 27.

PCCI ‘s experts and leaders continue to be in demand and this is another example of how PCCI is valued in the DFW community.

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23 March 2020

PCCI Expert Akshay Arora talks SDOH at MD Anderson

Late last month, Akshay Arora represented PCCI at a session at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where he presented PCCI’s perspective on social determinants of health and machine learning.

Akshay’s presentation, “Using Social Determinants of Health and Machine Learning to Improve Healthcare Outcomes,” was delivered to an audience of diverse healthcare experts, including clinicians, researchers, data scientists, and professors. The audience was particularly interested in the community data insights platform, with feedback that PCCI has created a very special tool to deeply understand the community.

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19 March 2020

In the News: How Chatbots Can Help Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms

In today’s issue of HCP Live, PCCI’s Dr. Yolande Pengetnze, MD, talks about how chat and text platforms can help inform and support patent safety and care during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click on the image below to read the whole story: