VIDEO: Sachs Summer Scholars 2023 Intern Experience

VIDEO: Sachs Summer Scholars 2023 Intern Experience

This new VIDEO features interviews with members of the 2023 Sachs Summer Scholars intern class where they share their experiences working with PCCI on important public health projects.

Now in its fifth year, PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars program is our women in technology, STEM-focused internship giving unrivaled opportunities for college and graduate school women from diverse backgrounds to receive active, hands-on experience working closely with PCCI data scientists and clinicians to directly contribute to public health projects involving cutting-edge statistical analyses, machine learning, and social determinants of health (SDOH) innovation.

The seven 2023 interns hail from university programs across the country. Their projects all utilize SDOH analytics with a focus on community health based on Dallas County, Parkland Health and PCHP initiatives. Specifically, these initiatives focused on data analysis from PCCI’s Community Vulnerability Compass, examination of asthma text-message data, geospatial and predictive SDOH analysis of maternal outcomes, dashboard impact modeling, and quantifying access to childcare, healthcare, and food in Texas.

To gain the perspective of several of last year’s interns on their experiences as Sachs Summer Scholars, watch this short VIDEO, or to view last year’s end-of-term program, watch this VIDEO.

The Sachs Summer Scholars program has become one of the most meaningful and competitive internship programs in North Texas. We would be honored to have you join us in person for these presentations that give important insights into how to improve our community’s health. To learn more about PCCI’s programs and the impact on the community, take a look at our Annual Impact Report.