Support PCCI during this year’s North Texas Day of Giving on Sept. 21

North Texas Giving Day: Join us in our journey to improve the health of our community

We are very happy to share that PCCI is participating in this year’s North Texas Giving Day on Sept. 21. The North Texas Giving Day is one of the most significant non-profit fund raising events of the year with early giving is currently underway.

PCCI’s company profile can be found here:

PCCI is built on its ability to innovate and deliver cutting-edge data analytics and modeling to healthcare providers and public health leaders.

Support from the North Texas Day of Giving will go directly to PCCI’s Innovation Fund which is dedicated to creating new innovating programs directed at helping those in our community who need help the most.

Supporting our Innovation Fund will have a direct and substantial impact on our ability to develop innovations that impact our population’s health and wellbeing. This includes programs like our Community Vulnerability Compass that offers unprecedented insights into the health of our communities, allows us to understand the root causes and delivers a clear picture of health equity issues we must address.

During the last several years, PCCI has played an import role in supporting the health of Dallas County, with a number of important initiatives, which demonstrate the kind of programs your support can enable in the future:

– COVID-19: Proactive Pandemic Management. PCCI, Parkland, and Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) have collaborated from the outset of the pandemic to address the multiple challenges COVID-19 has presented to care providers and the community including public education, testing and vaccinations.

– Pediatric Asthma: Along with COVID, PCCI, in collaboration with Parkland Health, has led a highly effective fight against pediatric asthma.

-Preterm Birth Prevention: To better serve pregnant women in our community, PCCI and PCHP developed and implemented an innovative Preterm Birth (PTB) Prevention program that uses a machine learning algorithm, healthcare data, and SDOH to identify pregnant women who are at a higher risk of preterm birth.

-Building Connected Communities of Care – Dallas AHC Model: In 2022, the Dallas AHC model successfully completed its fifth (and final) AHC model year while continuing to exceed annual navigation requirements (connecting over 3,000 individuals annually with community resources and providing individual follow-ups for up to 12 months in the fourth year of the model), despite the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. PCCI’s preliminary analysis of Medicaid claims data has provided promising results in relation to reduced ED utilization and cost for beneficiaries engaged in the Dallas AHC model.

We thank you for your support of PCCI and of all the outstanding non-profits in North Texas. Please visit our profile and join us in our efforts to help those in our community that need help the most.

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