Dallas Medical Journal: Pediatric Asthma Confront the Barriers

PCCI’s mission is to support our community’s vulnerable populations, which includes helping children with chronic health issues, such as pediatric asthma. PCCI has been working for several years developing and testing predictive models to identify children at risk for asthma exacerbations. You can now see how this predictive modeling was used to help support pediatric asthma patients in the July issue of the Dallas Medical Journal.

In an article written by C. Turner Lewis, III, MD, Medical Director of Children’s Medical Clinics of East Texas, Dr. Lewis describes a pediatric asthma pilot program’s success story and the obstacles his team had to overcome. The good news is the children participating in Dr. Lewis’ program, aided by PCCI’s asthma medication ratio data, have experienced positive outcomes.

Have a look at Dr. Lewis’ article here:

Pediatric Asthma

PCCI is proud to be a part of this outstanding program and congratulate Dr. Lewis for the excellent service he is providing to the children of the DFW area.

To learn more about how PCCI’s innovative approach is helping support improved health for vulnerable populations in our communities, please visit our website.

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