Steve Miff, PCCI’s CEO and co-author of Building Connected Communities of Care, has been invited to join the City of Dallas Data Science Technical Advisory Committee.

Steve is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare analytics and consulting. He has also served in various leadership positions in technology/consulting start-ups and on multiple boards, including DFWHCF, NurseGrid and and SMU’s Big Data Advisory Board.

The City of Dallas Data Science Technical Advisory Committee is chaired by the City of Dallas Chief Innovation Officer, Laila Alequresh, and includes a dozen cross-sector leaders and scientists from top local industries (TI, ATT, Toyota, IBM, CPAL, etc). Steve attended the first meeting on February 27.

PCCI ‘s experts and leaders continue to be in demand and this is another example of how PCCI is valued in the DFW community.

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