PCCI Experts Share How Predictive Models Help Improve Healthcare at UT Dallas

In mid-February, the University of Texas at Dallas’s Computer Science Department hosted presentations by PCCI experts Akshay Arora and Priyanka Kharat at their weekly Community Outreach program. The presentations were delivered to UT-Dallas students, clinicians, health data scientists and technology officers from different companies interested in PCCI’s predictive models and healthcare research.

Priyanka presented “Harnessing Healthcare Data using AI/ML”; and Akshay presented on “Using Natural Language Processing in Clinical Applications.”

The audience was engaged and asked insightful questions about Sepsis prediction and post model deployment feedback from clinicians noted in Priyanka’s presentation. The design of PCCI’s cloud platform (Isthmus) and the way the company created a healthcare domain specific platform for machine learning was very well received.

During Akshay’s presentation, he discussed how PCCI leveraged clinical NLP for understanding the VTE prophylaxis and SDOH to understand our patient cohorts.  The audience was particularly inquisitive about the extension and the generalization of PCCI’s clinical NLP models for multiple hospitals.

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