PCCI Announces Members of Scientific Advisory Group

PCCI’s Scientific Advisory Group Comprised of National Healthcare Thought Leaders and Experts

Dallas, TX — PCCI announced the formation of a Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) comprised of 12 nationally known thought leaders and experts in healthcare. The SAG will provide strategic guidance for PCCI and its leadership team to identify innovative advances that address market needs. The group will meet several times per year to discuss innovation, industry trends, market dynamics and the political environment in an effort to drive the clinical innovation and economic success of PCCI and its stakeholders.

“The establishment of the PCCI Scientific Advisory Group is an exciting development in our evolution. It is essential for the achievement of our mission to develop answers to the most pressing problems of improving the healthcare status of the communities that we serve in a more cost-effective method,” said Steve Miff, PhD, President and CEO, PCCI. “The next decade will bring unique models that utilize artificial intelligence and advances in care redesign, We want to be at forefront of this transformation.”

The SAG is chaired by one of PCCI’s Executive Advisors, Valinda Rutledge, MBA, and includes:

    • Kimberly Aston, MBA, Executive Advisor, PCCI
    • Richard D. Daniels, EVP and CIO, Kaiser Permanente
    • Richard Humphrey, MBA, CPA, EVP and CFO, Parkland Health & Hospital System
    • Frederick Isasi, JD, MPH, Executive Director, Families USA
    • Keith Kosel, PhD, MHSA, MBA, VP, Strategic Enterprise Relationships, PCCI
    • Rusty Lewis, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, Southside Specialty Pharmacies
    • Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH, President and Founder, HealthBegins
    • Thomas Maryon, DHA, VP, Clinical Program Operations, Health Care Service Corporation
    • Steve Miff, PhD, President and CEO, PCCI
    • John S. O’Shea, MD, MPA, MS, Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation, Center for Health Policy Studies
    • Michael A. Sachs, MSPH, Chairman, TLSG, Inc.

For more information about PCCI’s Scientific Advisory Group, please visit PCCInnovation.org/scientific-advisory-group

About PCCI
PCCI is an advanced, nonprofit healthcare analytics R&D organization with a collaborative team of expert data scientists and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that go beyond analyzing a patient’s medical data to provide all-encompassing insights that are revolutionizing healthcare. PCCI is a recipient of more than $50 million in grants directed at developing and deploying patient centric cutting edge technologies connecting communities, Parkland and beyond.

Lindsey Nace, Marketing and Communications
214-590-3887  lindsey.nace@PCCInnovation.org

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