Values, Diversity & Inclusion

PCCI’s commitment to DEI is driver of institutional excellence and innovation

PCCI continues to celebrate, embrace, and weave diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in everything we do both internally (as a team) and externally (through our programs designed to benefit the communities we serve). We strive to recruit and retain diverse team members who can grow successfully and are supported by a culture of inclusion, equity, engagement, and transparency. As a result of our efforts, we have a diverse, multicultural team of Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millenial, and Gen Z graduates of HBCU, Ivy League, and state schools working in harmony and leveraging their differences as strengths in fulfilling PCCI’s mission.
In 2023, 59% of PCCI employees are women (up 9% from 2022) and 61.5% of these women represent diverse ethnicities. Recognizing that STEM fields are often male dominated, PCCI’s Advancing Women in Data Science & Technology /Sachs Summer Scholars Internship program continues to be one of the more prestigious internships programs in North Texas. It provides unrivaled opportunities for, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral female students from diverse backgrounds to work side-by-side with PCCI data scientists and clinicians and directly contribute to projects benefiting the community. In 2023, we are proud to report that 42.9% of our participating interns are from diverse ethnicities. In service of our diversity goals, we also embed cross-cultural learning opportunities and other DEI events that celebrate and embrace our differences. Examples include an annual, in-office, multicultural potluck and games day, and celebration of events such as Black History Month, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, PRIDE Day, Asian and Pacific Islander Monty, and National Hispanic Heritage month through special presentations, messaging, and personal perspectives shared by team members.
Under supervision of our Chief Diversity Officer, PCCI’s DEI Council (formed in 2022) continues to develop and grow, with two new team members added in 2023. We established the PCCI DEI email address and have nearly completed the PCCI DEI resource page, which will offer employees access to articles, websites, and other information to enhance their knowledge and understanding of current DEI trends and best practices.
As creating that ideal workplace is always a work in progress, PCCI will continue to educate, engage and listen to every member of our team and to those individuals we strive to help.