Our data science experts have created a top-of-the line digital data environment where we can securely assemble data from disparate sources.

Using our advanced skills in data science (combined with our clinical expertise and social determinants of health experience), PCCI accelerates innovation through data-driven applications that guide action across the clinical-community continuum and advance the health of communities both within our region and beyond.

In 2022, PCCI has continued to make significant investments that expand our capabilities to ingest diverse data sets, create innovative processes to make sense of social and clinical data and deliver contextualized insights providing meaningful, actionable information that diverse organizations across a community can integrate into their strategic decision making and program design.

PCCI’s has more than a decade of innovating, using the best that technology has to offer:


PCCI vigorously protects and encourages its innovation methods through patent protections when appropriate. A sample of our patents includes the following:
Client Management Tool System and Method

Client tools, including a gateway module providing access to a datamart housing clinical and non-clinical data. 

Holistic Hospital Patient Care and Management System and Method for Automated Facial Biological Recognition

Provides patient bedside monitoring to assess patient expression and movement (and other risk factors) and then provides alerts based on what is detected. 

Holistic Hospital Patient Care and Management System and Method for Automated Patient Monitoring

Includes a plurality of Radio Frequency Identification Data sensors to enable clinical real-time tracking of patient information, including a user interface displaying patient medical conditions, risk score, location, and status information.