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Principal Data Scientist

Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation has an opening for a Principal Data Scientist position in Dallas, TX.  This is a hybrid position. Employee is allowed to work remotely from pre-approved locations. Must report to office when requested.

Duties Include:

  1. Works independently or with a team for problems assigned to the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation (PCCI) related to Parkland healthcare, clinical, scientific, and operational challenges, problems, and opportunities.
  2. Must be able to articulate, break down, analyze, summarize, synthesize, and develop cross-discipline (analytic, hardware, and software) solutions to clinical and operational problems identified by Parkland clinicians and administrators that are prioritized for the PCCI.
  3. Executes complex, multi-disciplinary projects on time and under budget. Responsible for monitoring project progress, tracking project-specific issues from initiation through release. Applies project management methodology to identify data-related problems. Works independently with clinic and operational departments, scientists, and organizations outside of Parkland to achieve solutions. Responsible for preparation and presentation of data analysis, and research reports for project releases and updates.
  4. Identifies flaws and drawbacks in project design and process. Designs novel algorithms for problem solving, which may include data cleaning, feature selection, data clustering, information visualization, and other pattern recognition algorithms to solve complex healthcare problems presented by Parkland or required of grant applications obtained by PCCI.
  5. Leads and works with different functional teams (including physicians, scientists, health services researchers, mathematicians) inside and outside of Parkland to find solutions to complicated and challenging problems raised by Parkland or within grant applications.
  6. Identifies and deploys existing machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval techniques and systems for knowledge management and discovery using Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data including admitting diagnosis, reason for consultation, clinical history & physical notes, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other free text fields.
  7. Leads and works with a team for research grant applications in clinical outcomes, health services, or hospital operation areas that support PCCI’s vision.
  8. Leads and works with a team to develop a robust yet flexible data model that can easily incorporate new changes in data fields in support of PCCI data cores research and data service needs, engage in continuous improvement of database functionalities and efficiencies and data model design. Must be able to summarize and categorize.
  9. Responsible for providing training and consultation to technical core staff during and after piloting and testing phase.
  10. Designs novel strategies, including optimizing system architecture, parallel computing and cloud computing, for improving system efficiency and reducing system response time.
  11. Maintains status of assigned tasks and provides feedback to management to ensure priorities are maintained and the management is aware of project specific issues.
  12. Completes peer-reviewed manuscripts and grants related to specific projects both individually and within team settings.


Employer will accept a minimum of a minimum of master’s degree* in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Science, or a related field and 60 months of experience in research or applied experience in designing and developing systems for data mining, knowledge discovery, or clinical data analytics in a scientific environment. *In the alternative employer will accept a bachelor’s degree in the above stated fields and 84 months of the above stated experience. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable. Experience should include the following:

  1. Experience with combination of at least 4 of the following: Bayesian analysis and decision making, nonparametric Bayes, machine learning, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, natural language processing, parallel computing, information visualization, or graphical probability models.
  2. Experience working with electronic medical record (EMR) systems and data.
  3. Experience writing, reviewing, editing, submitting, completing and obtaining peer-reviewed manuscripts and grants.
  4. Experience completing and obtaining U.S. patents.

To Apply: You must apply through the link provided referencing job code 10497. Include complete contact information (e-mail, day/evening phone, and mailing address) on resume/application.


To apply for this job please visit www.parklandcareers.com.