GALLERY: PCCI Experts Make Important Impact At HIMSS Events

This Spring, HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), a global thought leader and member-based society committed to reforming the global health ecosystem with information and technology, offered several platforms for PCCI’s experts to share their innovative programs with thousands of healthcare IT professionals.

PCCI in collaboration with leaders from Parkland Health, Parkland Community Health Plan and Dallas County, have delivered eight presentations, four at the national HIMSS conference in Chicago and four at the Texas HIMSS regional conference in Dallas. These eight presentations highlight the impactful and diverse applications of artificial intelligence and social determinants of health in clinical and populations health programs.

These presentations include:

HIMSS Annual National Convention:

“ML-AI-Driven Community Coalition, Digital Outreach Improves Asthma Among Low-Income Children”

Yolande Pengetnze, MD, MS, FAAP, Vice President, Clinical Leadership, PCCI

Teresita Oaks, MPH, Director of Community Health Programs, Parkland Health

Description: PCCI partnered with Parkland Health to develop a Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence asthma risk prediction model, using diverse social and clinical data sources to identify rising risk for asthma-related ED visits/hospitalizations among low-income children with asthma. Monthly risk-reports were leveraged to develop a multidisciplinary coalition across six high-asthma-morbidity Dallas County zip codes, for communitywide interventions.

“Using Data-Driven Insights to Prioritize Programs Addressing Social Vulnerabilities”

Natasha Goburdhun, MS, MPH, Vice President, Connected Communities of Care, PCCI

Paula Turicchi, FACHE, Chief Strategy Officer at Parkland Community Health Plan

Description: Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of social determinants of health (SDoH) and their influence on health outcomes, few organizations have adequate, contextualized insights to better address interrelated, social needs across a community. This presentation demonstrated how the Parkland Community Health Plan leveraged a three-tiered strategic analysis of SDoH and patient-level data to identify and prioritize programs to meet their members’ social needs.

“Integrating Universal Suicide Screening in EMR Improving Detection of Risk”

Jacqueline Naeem, MD, Senior Medical Director/Program Director AHC, PCCI

Kim Roaten, PhD., UT Southwestern Medical Center


In 2015, a universal suicide screening program was implemented at Parkland Health in which all patients 10 and older are screened for suicide risk during every provider encounter. Analysis was completed on over 3 million unique patients to understand the distribution of levels of risk in the population, as well as insights around the impact of the pandemic on patients identified with suicidal ideation.

“Patient Segmentation and Clustering Using ML to Develop Holistic, Patient Programs and Treatment Plans”

Yusuf Tamer, PhD, Senior Data and Applied Scientist, PCCI

Albert Karam, MS, MBA, Vice President, Data Strategy Analytics, PCCI

Brett Moran, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Parkland Health


In close collaboration with Parkland, PCCI developed a novel, advanced analytics process called Know-Thy-Patient (KTP) to group patients other than by their primary disease or diagnoses (e.g., diabetes, hypertension). By integrating and analyzing metrics associated with barriers to health care access — social vulnerabilities, transportation barriers, lack of insurance coverage — into the clinical context, health strategies adopting these cohort-similarity approaches can more readily incorporate a wider variety of patient-centered, whole-person approaches to care, such as integrated practice units, targeted digital programs, virtual and in-person support groups, and focused outreach and communication.

HIMSS Texas Regional Conference

“AI-Driven Interventions Improve Preterm-Birth Among Medicaid Pregnant Members”
PCCI’s Yolande Pengetnze, MD, VP Clinical Leadership joins Amrita Waingankar, MD, MBA, Senior Medical Director at Parkland Community Health Plan to share how they successfully implemented preterm birth prevention program in Dallas.

“Predicting Mortality of Trauma Patients”
PCCI’s Albert Karam, Vice President of Data Strategy and Analytics presents with Parkland’s Adam J. Starr, MD, will discuss this innovative predictive trauma model.

“Data Driven Approach to Addressing Health Related Social Needs (HRSN)”
PCCI’s Jacqueline Naeem, MD, Medical Director will present with Vidya Ayyr, MPH, CHW, Director Social Impact at Parkland about the Accountable Health Community model recently and successfully completed in Dallas.

“Implementing Inpatient Sepsis Early Prediction Model”
PCCI’s Yusuf Talha Tamer, PhD, Principal Data and Applied Scientist, will present with Parkland’s Nainesh Shah, Hospital Physician, DMIO, will share how their predictive sepsis model is changing how sepsis can be addressed.

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