VIDEO: PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars Community Health Presentation

VIDEO: PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars Community Health Presentation

The Sachs Summer Scholars program has become one of the most meaningful and competitive internship programs in North Texas where women from around the country work side by side with PCCI data scientists and clinicians where they contribute directly to impactful programs. This video captures the intern’s presentations delivered earlier this month.

Now in its fifth year, PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars program is our women in technology, STEM-focused internship giving unrivaled opportunities for college and graduate school women from diverse backgrounds to receive active, hands-on experience working closely with PCCI data scientists and clinicians to directly contribute to public health projects involving cutting-edge statistical analyses, machine learning, and social determinants of health (SDOH) innovation. These presentations will be a culmination of their summer efforts.

Our seven 2023 interns hail from university programs across the country and their projects all utilize SDOH analytics with a focus on community health based on Dallas County, Parkland Health and PCHP initiatives. Specifically, these initiatives focused on data analysis from PCCI’s Community Vulnerability Compass, examination of asthma text-message data, geospatial and predictive SDOH analysis of maternal outcomes, dashboard impact modeling, and quantifying access to childcare, healthcare, and food in Texas.

VIDEO: PCCI Celebrates the reopening of its office

PCCI is one of the best places to work in North Texas and recently its team celebrated the reopening of it office after more than two years of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of our culture of collaboration, the team of data science and clinical experts excelled working remotely, but this gathering was a great opportunity to meet in person, and for some, to meet for the first time. Going forward, PCCI will operate in a hybrid manner with its office serving as a resource and home-base for its team.

Have a look at the video of the office reopening here: PCCI Culture – Office Reopening

Video: PCCI’s 2020 Sachs Summer Scholars Highlights

PCCI has released a video capturing the highlights of this year’s PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars. Focusing on offering opportunities for women, the PCCI Sachs Summer Scholars is one of North Texas’ most prestigious internship programs as it immerses high school, college and graduate students in the world of healthcare technology and science.

The internship program is named in memory of PCCI board member, Michael Sachs, a visionary healthcare leader and innovator who passed away in 2019.

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The Dallas Information Exchange Portal (Dallas IEP)

Different providers in the healthcare system and across community-based organizations have limited means of communication, causing vital patient information to slip through the cracks. Information that is essential to providing excellent healthcare or even saving a life. The Dallas Information Exchange Portal (IEP) will create a secure seamless system that connects healthcare and community-based organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, allowing for smart sharing of information that makes a tangible difference int he lives of first thousands but, ultimately, we hope millions of people.

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