PCCI’S Tools Are Helping to Provide Cutting-Edge, Highly Contextual, Real-Time, Patient-Specific Data at the Point of Care

Today we have access to unprecedented amounts of healthcare data. But this is of little value without data visualization that helps medical staff understand data insights and use the right data faster, resulting in better decision-making and improved care. Based on interoperable SMARTon-FHIR standards, Islet (a tool) provides cutting-edge data visualization capabilities and highly contextual, timely, real-time analytics right at the point of care. It is used to efficiently develop and deploy web applications intended to better visualize patient-specific predictive model results. This allows care teams to receive and interpret information faster and recognize trends and patterns that may reduce risk and improve diagnoses and treatment. In 2022, we developed a generalized Islet tool to provide real-time predictive clinical decision visualization support for virtually any predictive model integrated into the EHR. Its first use case is for the inpatient sepsis predictive model at Parkland to assist in predicting a patient’s sepsis risk level and to enable care teams to collaborate more efficiently and standardize patient care management. Islet is independent of any specific predictive model but enables the development and deployment of model-specific visualization applications at a significantly reduced cost and with significantly reduced development time.