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18 August 2020

Video: PCCI’s 2020 Sachs Summer Scholars Highlights

PCCI has released a video capturing the highlights of this year’s PCCI’s Sachs Summer Scholars. Focusing on offering opportunities for women, the PCCI Sachs Summer Scholars is one of North Texas’ most prestigious internship programs as it immerses high school, college and graduate students in the world of healthcare technology and science.

The internship program is named in memory of PCCI board member, Michael Sachs, a visionary healthcare leader and innovator who passed away in 2019.

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12 June 2014

The Dallas Information Exchange Portal (Dallas IEP)

Different providers in the healthcare system and across community-based organizations have limited means of communication, causing vital patient information to slip through the cracks. Information that is essential to providing excellent healthcare or even saving a life. The Dallas Information Exchange Portal (IEP) will create a secure seamless system that connects healthcare and community-based organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, allowing for smart sharing of information that makes a tangible difference int he lives of first thousands but, ultimately, we hope millions of people.

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